Home on the journey

Homes listed on the Eden Mauritius Registry have made a commitment to strive towards the principles and practices of the Eden Alternative.

They receive education, resources and support to continue the work of transforming their care practices, finding new ways to grow the relationship between all care partners, and creating a life worth living for everyone in their home and community.

You will find Eden registry members at various stages in the process, which doesn’t mean that one home is better than another. The important thing is that the organisation has made a commitment to strive towards a better way. Implementing the Eden Alternative is a never-ending journey.

Homes that have joined the Eden Journey in Mauritius

We are hoping to soon have news of homes joining the Eden Registry from all across our little island.  We are blessed with a green and sunny environment. Growth can be seen daily in nature around us. 

Let’s grow together in creating Elder-Centred Communities. 

Why should you join the Registry?

When you register with the Eden Alternative, you join an ever-widening family of organisations, professionals and elders dedicated to transforming the world of long-term care.

Tangible benefits beyond that include:

  • Being listed on a reputable source for members of the public to find Eden Alternative homes and services.
  • Excel as a leader in the culture-change movement.
  • Permission to use the Eden Alternative Mauritius trademarked name in your marketing information and for public relations purposes.
  • Highlight wat you have to offer through coverage in Eden Alternative media sources.
  • Access to private ‘registered homes only’ pages on the Eden Alternative website, where additional tools, resources and educational-support materials are located.
  • Discounts on attendance at Eden training courses.
  • Empower your organization through exclusive access to the Path to Mastery:  The Art of Creating a Caring Community tool to guide and monitor progress on the Eden Alternative journey.
  • Receive individualized support from the Eden Alternative Home Office.
  • A brochure to share with visitors.

Another benefit of being on the Eden Register is that it serves as an investment in the longer-term sustainability of the culture-change process embarked on by the current leadership.  The culture-change process needs to be nurtured like a garden.  Through Eden Alternative, there is a continuous growth and empowerment process, that remains even with new leadership or changes in organizational structures.