Through videos, storytelling and sharing of dreams, the MWA Project aims:

It will focus on a variety of older individuals around the island; ranging from individuals staying in care homes to individuals who are still active in society and/or living at their own homes or supported by family. It aims to celebrate older individuals by showcasing their stories and dreams on social media and across Mauritius. There will be a few events to highlight the project. There will be a call to action to individuals and care homes across the island to participate in this project.

What is Ageism?

Ageism is characterized by discrimination or unfair treatment based on a person’s age.

Why is Ageism a problem?

Ageism can impact someone’s confidence, job prospects, financial situation, and quality of life.

Project MWA is complimented by The Eden Alternative

An internationally recognized person-centred care philosophy that encourage the continuation of resident’s personal growth rather than decline and value what’s important to the person. It values authentic relationships where people can become truly well-known.

3 Phases of Project MWA

The Pilot

Call to Action & Empowerment

“Adopt a dream”

The final stage is about making dreams come true. This is not the main aim of the project, but an extension. We do not promise to make people’s dreams come true, but we rather encourage people to always keep on dreaming.  But in this phase, we will call on people across the island to commit to making some of the older individuals dreams come true.