Project MWA Stories

Meet Marie Lilette Jules.  She grew up in very difficult circumstances – her parents were very poor.  She doesn’t have very good memories about her father and describes him as a bad person.  She could not go to school as she had a hearing problem.  Even though her husband was also very poor, she still married him.  Her friends describe her as a sensible person.  She would love to one day be able to go on an aeroplane and to travel.

“It may not be easy.  Life is not easy. But dreams keep you alive. 

Li finn grandi dan bann sirkonstans bien difisil – so bann paran ti bien pov. Li pena zoli souvenir lor so papa ek dekrir so papa kouma enn move dimounn. Li pa ti finn kapav al lekol parski li ti ena enn problem zorey, li pa ti pe tann bien. Mem si so mari osi ti bien pov, li finn marye avek li.  So bann kamarad dekrir li kouma enn dimounn sansib.  Enn zour li ti pou kontan kapav al dan enn avion ek vwayaze.

Li kapav pa fasil. Lavi pa fasil me bann rev gard ou vivan.

Meet Ginette Marimootoo, 64 years young.  She lives in Grand Baie.  She has worked as a maid for 7 years.  She loves cooking and good food.  She enjoys dancing and playing with her grandchildren.  She loves animals, especially dogs.  She has a lot of friends and a good sense of humour.

“Life is nothing without a good sense of humour”. John Waters

Nou prezant zot Ginette Marimootoo ki ena 64 an.  Li res Grand Baie. Li finn travay kouma enn fam-de-menaz pandan 7 an.  Li kontan kwi ek li kontan bon manze. Li kontan danse ek zwe ek so bann tizanfan. Li kontan zanimo, sirtou bann lisien.  Li ena boukou kamarad ek li ena enn bon sans limour.

“Life is nothing without a good sense of humour”. John Waters

“Lavi pena sans san enn bon sans limour.”

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become”. St Claire of Assissi. 

Meet Marie Claire Brasse, 69 years young.  Her name has a connection with St Claire of Assisi.  She is very talkative.  She has a lot of things in her life that she loves doing and that brings her happiness.  She likes to do sewing, to cook, to spend time with her friends. She loves to sing and dance.  She prays a lot.  She loves flowers.  She likes to do yoga.  She used to take her grandchildren to a lot of activities, and this kept her busy.  Her dream is to be able to go to Rodrigues to visit her grandchildren.  She would also love to go to Saint-Terre in France. 

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become”. St Claire of Assisi.

“Nou vinn seki nou kontan ek seki nou kontan fasonn seki nou vini”.

Nou prezant zot Marie Claire Brasse ki ena 69 an. So nom ena enn lien avek St Claire Assisi. Li bien kontan koze.  Li ena boukou kiksoz dan so lavi ki li kontan fer ek ki rann li erez. Li kontan koud, kwi ek pas letan ek so bann kamarad. Li kontan sante ek danse. Li fer boukou lapriyer. Li kontan fler. Li kontan fer yoga.  Li ti abitie amenn so bann tizanfan fer boukou aktivite e sa ti pe gard li okipe.  So rev se reisi al Rodrig ek vizit so bann tizanfan.  Li ti pou osi kontan al Saint-Terre Lafrans.

Meet Mowtee Seechurn, 68 years young.  She was married for 52 years.  She has three married children, one girl and two boys.  And she has five grandchildren who loves her, and she loves them very much.  She worked at the Merville hotel for over 25 years.  She has done a lot of travelling in her life and this gave her lots of joyful memories.  She likes cooking, good food, nature and all things pretty.  Despite her health problems, she is happy with her life.

Nou prezant zot Mowtee Seechurn ki ena 68 an. Li ti marye pandan 52 an.  Li ena trwa zanfan ki fini marye, enn tifi ek de garson. Li ena sink tizanfan ki kontan li ek li kontan zot boukou.  Li finn travay lotel Merville pandan 25 an.  Li finn fer boukou vwayaz dan so lavi ek sa finn donn li boukou zoli souvenir.  Li kontan kwi ek li kontan bann bon manze. Li osi kontan lanatir ek ki tou bann zafer zoli.  Malgre so bann problem lasante, li kontan lavi ki li ena.

The simple things in life are the greatest gifts.  Bryant McGill. 

Meet Jean Brasse, 78 years young. His birthday is in January.  His name has connection with John, one of the disciples of Jesus.  He has four children.  He worked in the building industry and would have loved to be a foreman. One of his big dreams was to become a fisherman.  Most of his days, he loves doing gardening and playing his guitar. 

Bann zafer sinp dan lavi samem pli gran kado.  The simple things in life are the greatest gifts.  Bryant McGill.

Nou prezant zot Jean Brasse, 78-an. So laniverser an Zanvie. So nom ena enn lien avek John, enn de bann disip Zezi. Li ena kat zanfan.  Li finn travay dan konstriksion ek li ti pou kontan vinn enn foreman. Enn de so bann pli gran rev se vinn enn peser.  Pandan laplipar so bann zourne, li kontan fer zardinaz ek zwe lagitar.

Meet Callee Busmuth who joined us for a special event at Grand Baie Coeur de Ville in December 2020. 18 senior citizens of Mauritius gathered and made collages of their life stories.  It was a wonderful and festive day filled with laughs as these stories were shared.  Callee worked in a factory for 22 years.  She is very proud of her three girls that she raised.  She loves cooking and watching television in her free time. She loves meeting up with her friends, like she did at this gathering.  She is very talkative.  She has the kindest smile, don’t you agree?

“A smiling face is a beautiful face.  A smiling heart is a beautiful heart.”  Dr. T.P. Chia

Nou prezant zot Callee Busmuth ki finn zwenn nou pou enn evennman spesial Grand Baie Coeur de Ville an Desam 2020. 18 sitwayin senior dan Moris finn rasanble ek finn fer bann kolaz lor zistwar zot lavi. Ti enn extra zoli zourne bien festif ranpli ek lazwa kan tou dimounn ti pe partaz zot zistwar. Callee finn travay dan enn lizinn pandan 22 an. Li bien fier so trwa tifi ki li finn elve. Li kontan kwi ek get televizion dan so letan lib. Li kontan zwenn so bann kamarad, kouma li finn fer pou sa evennman spesial la. Li bien kontan koze.  Li ena sourir pli zanti ki existe, pa vre?

 “A smiling face is a beautiful face.  A smiling heart is a beautiful heart.”  Dr. T.P. Chia

“Enn vizaz an sourir se enn zoli vizaz. Enn leker an sourir se enn zoli leker.”

Meet Madame Marise Palanechye, 63 years young.  Her name was inspired by the Virgin Mary.  She worked in at Merville Beach Hotel Grand Baie.  She describes herself as always smiling and being positive.  She enjoys spending time in the garden and cooking.  Her dream is to go on a boat cruise across the Indian Ocean and to to go to Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in the South West of France to see the Lady of Lourdes.   “If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces… never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  That’s the beauty of being alive… We can always start all over again.”  Bernadette Soubirous.

Nou prezant zot Madam Marise Palanechye, 63-an. So nom finn inspire depi Lavierz Marie. Li travay Merville Beach Hotel Grand Baie. Li dekrir limem kouma enn dimounn ki riye touletan ek res pozitif. Li kontan pas letan dan zardin ek kwi manze.  So rev se al lor enn bato krwazier dan Losean Indien ek al Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes dan Sid-Wes Lafrans pou trouv Dam-Lourdes.

“Si ena enn rev bizin tonbe ek kase an plizier bout…zame per pou ramas enn bout ladan ek rekoumanse ankor. Samem ki zoli kan ou vivan… Touletan nou kapav rekoumanse ankor.”

“If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces… never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  That’s the beauty of being alive… We can always start all over again.”  Bernadette Soubirous.

Meet Maria Olivia Vyravene, 64 years young and still as beautiful as when she was Miss Rodrigues in 1977.  Something that she is really proud of.  She stays in Triolet.  She loves life and is very jovial.  She is still working.  She likes to move a lot, swimming and cooking.  She loves making people laugh. Her favourite colour is purple.  Her dream is to stay forever young. 

“May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung.  May you stay forever young.”  Bob Dylan

Nou prezant zot Maria Olivia Vyrayene, li ena 64-an ek li touzour otan zoli ki kan li ti Miss Rodrig an 1977. Se enn zafer ki li bien fier.  Li res Triolet. Li kontan lavi ek li bien zwayez. Li ankor travay.  Li kontan bouze boukou, naze ek kwi manze. Li kontan fer dimounn riye. So kouler prefere mov.  So rev se res zenn pou touletan.

“Aranz enn lesel ziska zetwal ek grinp sak mars ki ena. Res zenn pou touletan.”

“May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung.  May you stay forever young.”  Bob Dylan

Meet Annique Jelin.  She stays in Pointe aux Cannonier.  She is a very talkative person.  She enjoys baking cake, watching television, colouring and going for outings with her children and grandchildren.  She has a big dream:  To go visit her granddaughter in Russia.

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”. C.S. Lewis.

Nou prezant zot Annique Jelin. Li res Pointe aux Cannonier. Li bien kontan koze. Li kontan kwi gato, get televizion, kolorye ek fer bann sorti avek so bann zanfan ek ti-zanfan.  Li ena enn gran rev: Al visit so ti-zanfan Larisi.  “To zame tro vie pou met enn lot obzektif ou ena enn nouvo rev”.

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”. C.S. Lewis.

Meet Jaywunty Quedo.  She reminds us of this quote from Anne Frank.  “Think about the all the beauty still around you and be happy.” She is a housewife with two children.  Her husband who was a teacher has passed away, but she feels blessed because he loved her very much.  Her son started studying in Canada in 2019.  She went to Canada and stayed there for 3 months to help him adjust.  She loves cooking, has two grandchildren who brings her a lot of joy.  She loves books and following TV series.  In the morning she goes for a 45 minute walk every day.  She loves spending time with friends and family. She is happy with her life.

Nou prezant zot Jaywunty Quedo. Li fer nou rapel sa sitasion Anne Frank ki dir “Think about all the beauty still around you and be happy”: “Mazinn tou sa bote ki ankor otour twa ek viv ere”. Li enn fam-o-fwaye ek ena de zanfan. Li finn perdi so mari ki ti enn profeser, me li santi li beni parski so mari ti bien kontan li. So garson ti koumans so letid Canada an 2019. Jaywunty finn alor al Canada ek res laba pandan trwa mwa pou ed so garson abitie laba. Li kontan kwi ek li ena de ti-zanfan ki aport li boukou lazwa. Li kontan bann liv ek osi swiv bann seri lor televizion. Toule gramatin li al fer enn ti-lamars 45 minit. Li kontan pas letan ek so bann kamarad ek so fami. Li kontan so lavi.

Today we have Kamla Devi Sowamber, 64 years young, a talkative, friendly and beautiful lady who loves to cook.  She got married at the age of 17 and had 3 children.  Her one daughter died at the young age of 25 from Lupus.  She has known the pain most parents should not experience.  She feels blessed with her four grandchildren.  She feels lucky because she has a good husband who took good care of her throughout the years.  Since about 4 years ago, her husband is living with Alzheimer’s.  Most of her dreams has come true because of her husband.  She travelled abroad and they and lots of adventures together.  She feels sad that they cannot do that many fun things together or go on outings anymore as she has to take care of him.  For her well-being she does yoga and go for a walk every day.  She is caring in nature and also looked after her father-in-law who was paralyzed and living in bed for 11 years.  She is one of the heroes that lives among us that we don’t even know about.

Zordi nou ena Kamla Devi Sowamber, ki ena 64-an, enn zoli madam amikal ki bien kontan koze ek kwi manze.  Li finn marye kan li ti ena 17-an ek finn ena trwa zanfan. So sel tifi finn mor laz 25-an akoz maladi Lupus. Li finn konn douler ki laplipar paran pena pou kone.  Li santi li beni ek so kat ti-zanfan. Li santi li sansez parski li ena enn bon mari ki finn pran li bien swin pandan bann lane. Depi kat-r-an parla, so mari pe viv avek enn Alzheimer.  Laplipar so bann rev finn vinn realite gras a so mari. Li finn al deor ek zot finn ena boukou lavantir ansam.  Li santi li tris ki zot nepli kapav fer sa bann zafer amizan la ansam oubien mem fer bann sorti parski li bizin pran li swin.  Pou so bien-et li fer yoga ek fer enn ti lamars toulezour.  De-natir li kontan pran swin bann dimounn ek li finn osi get so boper ki ti paralize ek res lor lili pandan 11-an.  Li enn parmi sa bann ero ki res parmi nou me ki nou pa mem kone.

Lisby Saususi

“Ageing is just another word for living.” – Cindy Joseph

 “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
–George Bernard Shaw

These are the words that comes to mind when we think of Jacques Robert.  A classic gentleman with a beautiful and soothing voice.  He is 78 years young and the president of a Grand Baie Association of Older People that consists of over 500 members.  He organizes regular outings and adventures for the members throughout the year.    He loves meeting new people, talking and laughing together. “The meaning of my name Jacques relates to my birthday that I share with the late priest Jacques Desire Laval who will become a saint in the years to come.” He is in love with nature and he spends most of his time in his garden, planting flowers or vegetables.  He used to dream about becoming a sailor or a soldier.  He feels like his dream came true when he started taking people on a boat to Flat Island and other islands in the 1980’s.  He was one of the first people in Mauritius to do this.  His current dream is to continue to live in the moment, loving people laughing and doing his best to make others happy.

“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
–George Bernard Shaw

Ena enn bann mo ki vinn dan latet kan nou mazinn Jacques Robert. Enn gentleman klasik ki ena enn zoli lavwa ki apezan.  Li ena 78-an ek li prezidan enn Asosiasion pou bann vie dimounn dan Granbe ek Asosiasion-la ena plis ki 500 manb. Li organiz bann sorti regilie ek bann avantir pou bann manb-la pandan lane. Li kontan zwenn bann nouvo dimounn, koze ek riye ansam.  “Sinifikasion mo nom Jacques ena enn lien avek mo laniverser ki tom mem dat ek seki pou defin Monper Jacques Desire Laval ki apre finn vinn enn Sin.” Li kontan lanatir ek li pas laplipar so letan dan so zardin, plant fler oubien legim.  Avan li ti rev pou vinn enn marin oubien enn solda. Li santi ki so rev finn vinn realite kan li finn koumans amenn bann dimounn lor Lil Plat ek bann lezot lil osi par bato dan bann lane 1980. Li ti parmi bann premie Morisien ki finn fer sa.  So rev aster-la se kontign viv linstan prezan, kontan bann dimounn ek fer so mie pou rann bann lezot dimounn kontan.

Another week, another beautiful lady.  Meet Jayshree Veerapen.  She is 68 years young.  In 1983, she left Mauritius after getting divorced. She lived in Switzerland and worked for the State Cantonal Office for Population) for about 30 years.  She describes herself as a mixture of serious and funny.  Her hobbies include learning, books, travelling and cooking.  She has lots of simple pleasures in life – staying informed on actuality in her country.  To cook and learn new dishes.  To share with her friends, chatting and making memories.  She loves fashion and animals.  Her dream is for good health and lots of happiness in the world and knowing that her daughter is doing well. 

Enn lot semenn, enn lot zoli madam. Nou prezant zot Jayshree Veerapen. Li ena 68-an.  An 1983, li ti kit Moris apre so divors. Li ti res Laswis ek li ti travay pou State Cantonal Office for Population pandan 30-an.  Li dekrir limem kouma enn melanz serye ek komik.  So bann pastan se aprann, bann liv, vwayaze ek kwi.  Li ena boukou bann sinp plezir dan lavi – res informe lor laktialite dan so pei. Kwi ek aprann bann nouvo pla. Partaz ek so bann kamarad, koz-koze ek kree bann souvenir.  Li kontan lamod ek bann zanimo.  So rev se ki ena enn bon lasante ek boukou lazwa dan lemond, ek kone ki so tifi korek.

Today we spend some time with Maria Sutonne.  She is 61 years young and was born in 1952.  She loves doing gardening.  Her passion is cooking and food. She enjoys dancing and swimming.  She has a lot of joy when doing the things she loves.  She is proud of herself and content with life.  She likes spending time with her friends and go on regular outings with the Association she belongs to.   She would love to go a plane somewhere.  She likes animals, cats, dogs but prefers cows.  Her favourite colour is pink and she likes fashion and make-up.  She has been married for 28 years.  Her dream is to own and live in a beautiful brick house with her husband and children…

Zordi nou finn pas inpe letan ek Maria Sutonne.  Li ena 61-an ek li finn ne an 1952. Li kontan fer zardinaz. So pasion se fer lakwizinn ek osi bann manze an zeneral. Li kontan danse ek naze. Li ena boukou lazwa kan li fer bann zafer ki li kontan. Li fier de limem ek kontan seki ena dan lavi.  Li kontan pas letan avek so bann kamarad ek fer bann sorti regilie avek Asosiasion dan lakel li ete. Li ti pou kontan al parla dan enn avion.  Li kontan bann zanimo, bann sat, bann lisien, me li prefer bann vas.  So kouler prefere roz ek li kontan lamod ek makiyaz.  Fer 28-an ki li marye. So rev se ena enn zoli lakaz beton ki lor so nom ek res ladan avek so mari ek so bann zanfan…

Meet Marie-Joé, 70 years young.  She was named after the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She is the mother of two boys.  She was a housekeeper for the Beachcomber Hotels and Resorts for 40 years.  She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going on outings and eating good food at restaurants.  She loves to read and watching the news on television.  She likes cats and dogs.  She keeps active through swimming and walking on the beach.  Her dream is to go on a boat trip. 

Nou prezant zot Marie-Joé, ki ena 70-an. Li finn gagn sa nom-la dapre Lavierz Mari, mama Zezi. Li enn mama de garson.  Li ti enn gouvernant Beachcomber Hotels and Resorts pandan 40-an.  Li kontan pas letan avek so bann kamarad ek so fami, fer bann sorti ek al manz bon manze dan restoran.  Li kontan lir ek get linformasion dan televizion. Li kontan sat ek lisien.  Li naze ek mars-marse lor laplaz pou res aktiv.  So rev se al fer enn letour dan bato.

Meet Suzie Jeanne, a beautiful 79 years-young lady.  She lives in Grand Baie and is proudly Mauritian.  Her favourite colour is red.  She loves learning new things, sewing and dancing.  Her dream is to go on a exciting trip out of the country.  (the sooner the better).  She wishes good luck and good health for all. 

Nou prezant zot Suzanne, enn zoli zenn fam 79-an.  Li res Granbe ek li fier li enn Morisien. So kouler prefere rouz! (Nou finn bliye demann li kifer) Li kontan aprann bann nouvo zafer kouma lakoutir ek ladans.  So rev se al fer enn vwayaz extraordiner andeor pei. (pli vit pli bon) Li swet tou dimounn bonn sans ek enn bon lasante.

Meet Suzie Pierre sharing bits off her life over an Artisan cup of coffee. We start in her childhood. She was a very diligent and hard-working girl at school. She loved exams and dictation and learning more when she was growing up. She had a lot of bad luck throughout her life. She lost her parents at a very young age. But now that she is retired, she is very proud of what she has accomplished despite all the difficult circumstances. She describes her personality as straightforward and frank. She loves to listen to music in her free time. She loves cooking and gardening. Having her good friends over for a visit. Going for walks and outings to the sea. All of these things bring happiness in her life. Her dream is to start dancing again like she did before.
She would also love to go on a safari because she loves nature and especially wild animals. She says she loves all animals that God created, except maybe for snakes.

Nou prezant zot Suzie Pierre ki pe partaz so lavi inpe avek nou pandan ki li pe bwar enn kafe kot Artisan. Nou koumans avek so lanfans. Li ti enn tifi bien aplike ek ki ti travay dir dan lekol. Li ti kontan bann lexame ek bann dikte, e li ti pe aprann ankor plis kan li ti pe grandi. Li finn gagn boukou malsans dan so lavi. Li finn perdi so bann paran kan li ti bien zenn. Selman, aster ki li retrete, li bien fier pou tou bann zafer ki li finn akonplir malgre tou bann sirkonstans difisil. Li dekrir li kouma enn dimounn direk ek fran. Li kontan ekout lamizik dan so letan lib. Li kontan kwi ek okip zardin. Li kontan kan so bann bon kamarad vinn rann li enn vizit. Li kontan al fer lamars ek fer bann plan lamer. Tou sa bann zafer-la met lazwa dan so lavi. So rev se rekoumans danse parey kouma avan… Li ti pou kontan osi al fer enn safari parski li kontan lanatir ek sirtou bann zanimo sovaz. Li dir ki li kontan tou zanimo ki Bondie finn kree, kapav sof bann serpan.

Meet Razmoon Besting. She lives in Grand Baie.
She grew up very poor, got married young and had a divorce in the end as she did not have a happy marriage. She had one son. She was a single mother for a long time and went through many hard times. She got remarried at a much older age and stayed Germany with her husband for a few years. They came back to Mauritius for the last few years until her husband passed away from cancer. Her friends describe her as a beautiful person, inside and out. A good friend, talkative, smiles for everyone. She always helps people who struggle, because she has gone through so many struggles herself. 

Nou prezant zot Razmoon Besting. Li res Gran-Be.
Li finn grandi dan lapovrete, finn marye zenn ek alafin finn divorse parski li pa ti dan enn maryaz ere. Li ti ena enn garson. Li ti enn mer selibater pandan enn bon moman ek li finn pas par boukou moman difisil. Li finn remarye dan enn laz inpe pli avanse ek finn res Lalmagn avek so mari pandan enn-de lane. Zot finn retourn Moris pandan bann dernie lane avan ki so mari desede akoz enn kanser. So bann kamarad dekrir li kouma enn zoli dimounn, zoli andan ek zoli andeor. Enn bon kamarad ki kontan koze ek ki riy avek tou dimounn. Li touletan ed bann dimounn ki dan problem parski limem li finn pas par boukou problem.